Why Choose inSync?


Our business is about people.
We have always believed that it's good business building strong relationships with our people - our employees & our clients.  We have little turnover because we treat our employees extremely well which benefits our clients.  Our clients don't leave us because they have found a reliable, trusted & competent IT support partner.  We have clients that have remained with us since our inception in 1994.


Technology is always evolving.
Businesses can thrive depending on how they leverage technology.  We have utilized technology to reduce manual or duplicate processes for our clients.  Our IT support team works together to understand your corporate culture, your challenges & the budget - so we can deliver IT solutions that saves money & makes sense for your business.


Every Engagement Starts With A Free IT Evaluation

With our free IT evaluation, we are able to discover possible vulnerabilities before they become problems.  If there are areas of concern that requires redress, we provide a fixed price proposal (hardware, software & labor) to address the problem. If requested, we also prioritize items for budgetary purposes.


Our onboarding process is clean.
We provide our new clients a clean, worry-free transition from your former IT support to inSync.  We can provide a list of passwords required to lock down your environment for the transition, however there are workarounds if you do not.  Given the complexity of your environment, it may require careful planning but our first priority is immediately securing & locking down your IT environment.


Every client is assigned a seasoned, professional senior network administrator.
Because we believe this is still a relationship business, the engineer assigned is familiar with the nature of your business, your technical environment, & is very easy to work with - because all of our engineers are easy to work with.  He or she becomes the expert on your IT infrastructure, & keeps your environment up to date & secure.  Although your business has a dedicated engineer, our team works together to solve complex problems.


inSync's core values have always guided our decision-making & pushed our business to be transparent.

Our values include:

  • Always looking out for our clients' best interests & their bottom line;

  • Never taking shortcuts with our engineering solutions;

  • And always being honest with our clients & keeping our word.


Our "White Glove" customer service.
When you need us most, we are there.  We don't have voice mail.  When you call our office, it is immediately answered by our capable in-house staff.  For emergencies, we immediately assign an IT Support Engineer to remotely diagnose the problem.  If it requires an onsite presence, we guarantee a 2 hour onsite response.

For off hours support, our on call engineers handle the calls.  We believe it is important to be immediately available, alleviating the frustration of unanswered phone calls or an on-call operator.


Our managed service contracts are all inclusive.

Our contracts  include upgrades, onsite & offsite IT support, & off hours support.  We wanted to eliminate the "surprise" invoices, that nobody likes.  Our MSP contracts are priced per workstation, & include the number of physical & virtual servers.  What is excluded, for example, is IT support required when moving offices.  The majority of our IT support is onsite - we believe this helps build strong relationships & we can see, first-hand, any reoccurring problems or problems that can be solved with technology.


Our cost vs benefit approach with technology.
How we saved our client over $3 million of overhead over a 5 year period.

When engineers put their clients or employers into the Cloud without knowledge of the 5 year cost of the solution, they put businesses at risk.  There were several of our clients that had this done.  One of our clients, with only 50 employees, had their 51 virtual servers migrated from an on-premise solution to the Cloud resulting in a staggering overhead increase of over $600k per year.


We saved this business over $600,000 a year, or $3 million over the 5 year life of the equipment, with a $150,000 investment in hardware & software.  We really believe in the cost versus benefit approach to technology to save businesses from making a terrible mistake.


Personalized service with a friendly approach.
When it comes to Managed Services & IT support, our clients enjoy our company because we're easy - easy to talk to & easy to deal with.  We don't hire arrogant engineers because life is too short.  Technology can be intimidating.  Our approach takes the intimidation factor out.  We support your current technology but we can also explain why changing or upgrading your technology will benefit your business.  We give the pros & cons of each technical option chosen, & then it's your decision.